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project overview —

Working with Amazon Fulfulliment Technology (AFT), I conceptualized features on an internal tool used by operational and area managers to reduce time repeatedly spent on tasks.

role —

user experience (UX)
design intern at
Amazon Fulfilment
Technology (AFT)

timeline —

june 2022 – august 2022

skills —

ux design

ux research

tools —



This project is under NDA, if you’re interested please reach out to me. :D

takeaways —

Working in a cross-functional team

Since I study at an art school, I have a limited experience with working with engineers and product managers and over the course of my internship I was able to talk and learn from engineers, product managers, and other designers. I learned how to use a design system to help my quickly mockup concepts, how to effectively communicate my design decisions to stakeholders, and how to ask for specific feedback when presenting designs concepts.

Learn and be Curious

Due to the new space, I spent the first couple of weeks understanding and exploring the vast terminology and learning about what the product does, how does it work, who uses the product and just putting lots of time understanding the overall usage of the product. With the background knowledge, I was able to conduct user interviews to gain a better understanding of the product and the pain points users have while using the product.

amazon photos
Amazon Houdini South (left) and Amazon Fulfillment Center visit (right)
amazon office photos
Amazon Athena (left) and Amazon re:Invent (right)